About Us

With an experience and innovative vision since 1981, we produce fruit jam products by using fully automated methods in our 9.000 m2 factory built on an area of 20.000 m2 in Duzce, Turkey. Thanks to our specialized staff, our total quality policy with compliance to quality management standards of ISO22000 and ISO9000, our BRC certificated food safety standards, our understanding of total quality HACCP standards, our modern technologies, our research and development laboratories, well-qualified and fully committed personnel, we provide high quality, healthy and trustworthy products manufactured intact and in accordance to world hygienic standards.

We have been continuously developing and widening our product range consisting of fruit jams and marmalades. As a result of our company policy based on perfection, our annual growth has reached 20%, placing Barhan Foods among the leaders of the sector. In order to meet more customers’ demands we make right investments improving both Barhan Food and its innovative products in order to add a great value to the sector.

Apart from our brands like Fruppa, Miredo and Purity, we ensure a good quality service to esteemed manufacturers with our intermediate products. We supply marmalade and fruit gel to the leader chocolate and ice-cream manufacturers, patisseries and food service factories of Turkey. In addition, we manufacture private label products such as fruit jams for supermarket chains and companies on both domestic and foreign markets.

As Barhan Foods we export to 35 countries. Our most important export product is Fruppa, which is the world’s first high fruit content jam. However, with our Miredo and Purity jam varieties, we bring our quality to our domestic consumers and the other clients overseas.

In order to share the distinct qualities of Barhan Foods with the entire world both today and tomorrow, we will grow constantly in compliance to our values.